Zink is a pioneering technology com panyand developer of ZINK® Zero Ink® technology and ZINK® Paper. ZINK technology is found in a broad spectrum of consumer and business products. We continue to develop and license our next-generation technology to partners throughout the world.



ZINK pioneered the development of ZINK® Zero Ink® Technology and the award-winning ZINK® Paper, the first completely new printing technologies in nearly 30 years. ZINK uses "zero ink" and is a full-color printing system that elim inates the need for ink cartridges, toners or ribbons; all the color required for printing an image or text is embedded in the ZINK® Paper itself.

The technology is incorporated in a large number of exciting products for everyday use, including instant print digital cameras and stand-alone printers.

ZINK® Paper and ZINK® Zero Ink® Technology-enabled products can be found and purchased through our partners' websites and select retailers.

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